Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account/ How do I join the chamber?

To create an account, Click the 'Join the Chamber' link in the left sidebar. The form serves as both an application for membership as well as creates your account on Fill in the fields and Click "create new account". The Business information will be used in the public business directory. The primary contact information, event, and other information is private and will not be shown publicly. After Submitting the form the site administrators will be notified, and will need you approve your account before you can access it. An email will be sent when your account is approved.

How do I edit my account information or directory listing?

After logging in you should see a new black menu at the very top of the page. In that menu, choose "Hello Your Name".  You should see an "edit" option. Choose that option. Here you can change your username, password or email address. To edit the Business information that is listed on the directory, or Primary Contact information, choose the corresponding button at the top right of the edit page, just below the tabs.

How do I add events to the calendar?

  1. To create an event click "Add Content" in the top user menu and then choose "Event". Events require a title and a category. You may chose more than one category by holding down "command" on a mac or "CTRL" in windows.
  2. Add a description of your event in the body. You also have the option of attaching a file which visitors could download, such as an application or flyer for the event.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: an Event Category is required. Please use either "business event" or "community event" unless otherwise directed by the chamber board. 
  4. Make sure to chose "save" and your event will be added to the calendar.

How do I edit events I have created?

To edit content you've created in the past, "My content" in the top grey user menu. You will see a list of all the content you have created as well as an "edit" option next to each. Once you've chosen to edit, you will be able to edit, preview, save, or delete your content. Make sure to save your changes before closing your browser or navigating to another page.

  • You will be able to edit your account information at any time by using this same "edit" screen, and the member directory will automatically be updated.
  • If you do not enter a Business Name, your information will not display on the member directory. If you do not select a category, one will be selected for you.
  • The email you used to sign up for an account will be used to contact you about your account